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Part 2- Progressions!

Whelp. If you read Part 1, you know I am trying to get strict pull-ups. Between the desire for Michelle Obama arms and to do Rx in class and at a comp, it is just a skill I need to master! So, lets talk progressions and an action plan on how I am going to get there! Special thanks to Julie for being the demo gal on these videos! Progression 1: Dead hang from the bar. Focus on grip and keeping your body tight and still.

Progression 2: Scap pull-up. Create active shoulders by engaging lats and scaps. Your arms will stay straight but your body will rise a few inches.

Progression 3: Ring rows. Changing the angle of your body will adjust the level of difficulty. Start in a hollow position with active shoulders and move through the full range of motion, pulling the rings to your chest. Control is the goal here. Ya'll know how to do these!

Progression 4: Deficits. Start with your chin above the bar and lower your body as slowly as possible. Be sure to move through the full range, ending when your arms are fully extended.

Progression 5: Banded pull-ups. Use everything you have learned up to this point. Choose a band that has enough tension to assist you, but not do all the work for you. You should still be challenged when using a band. As you get stronger, use a lighter band.

Progression 6: Strict pull-up. Meaty grip, arms shoulder-width apart, hollow body, active shoulders, pulling the bar to your chest until your chin is over the bar.

Progression 7: Weighted pull-up. Use a belt or weighted vest to add weight to your strict pull-up.

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