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Three Women. Two Measurements. One Squat.

Squat Mechanics at Move Chiropractic Office Fargo
We all measure within 1.5" of each other....LOOK AT THE DIFFERENCE IN HIP HEIGHT

We talked a lot about long femurs for our last blog. As you may recall, “normal” femur length (measured from greater trochanter to femoral condyle) is about 25% of your total height. Torso length (greater trochanter to glenohumeral joint) average is about 28.5% of height. Usually, your femurs (thighs) and tibias (shin) have a 1:1 ratio.

However, the longer the tibia in relation to femur, the more upright you can be. The shorter the tibia compared to femur, the more forward lean you’d need to have. Now, words have meaning, but when you see pictures sometimes they speak louder than words ever could!

If you don’t know me, let me introduce myself! I’m Dr. Amy - I am a sports chiropractor in Fargo, ND and I LOVE what I do SO much I made my friends come in to measure their bones!

Let me give you my “stats”. I’ve got insanely long legs and no torso. Squatting is HARD for

someone built like me. It looks awkward, even when my bar path is perfect.

Height- 63”

Torso Length- 16” (25%)

Femur Length- 19” (30%)

Tibia Length- 19” (30%)

*Passes ankle mobility screen standards

So - I’ve got LONG femurs, SHORT torso, EQUAL femur and tibia. Getting below parallel for me is a dumpster fire - and I have to have a very wide stance and forward chest to get it done. Ankle mobility and hip mobility is my friend, as is core stability.

Meet Kayla! Kayla has been my bestie for years. She owns a CrossFit gym in Fargo, and I’ve honestly always envied her ability to move load! She can squat HEAVY, and it has always appeared to me like she was made to move heavy things! The word that comes to mind is powerful.

Height- 64”

Torso Length- 22” (34%)

Femur Length- 16” (25%)

Tibia Length- 16” (25%) *Passes ankle mobility screen standards

Kayla has a LONG torso, with symmetrical and “average” leg height. Meaning, she is slightly advantaged to squat with her longer than average torso. Elbow grease and grit will have her lifting heavy loads.

Enter Marissa. She's our small business consultant and a mobility goddess. She makes lifting look so graceful and eloquent. Like, when she moves a bar, it always has that weightless float we all seek. She also looks like a toddler when she squats - you know the type, able to be totally vertical and almost @** to grass every time even before she warms up. If she wasn’t such an amazing human being, I’d hate her. Height- 64.5”

Torso Length- 20.5” (32%)

Femur Length- 14” (22%)

Tibia Length- 16” (25%) *Passes ankle mobility screen standards

Marissa is MADE TO SQUAT. She has a LONG torso, SHORT femurs, AND SHE HAS LONGER TIBIAS THAN FEMURS! No wonder she looks like a toddler when she squats! Also, note she is in DRESS PANTS and squatting deeper than Kayla and I!

Remember, the longer the tibia in comparison to femur, the easier it is to stay upright!

Have no fear, if you are a biomechanical lever mess like me, there is hope. There is a squat type that suits you best, and we can offer you guidance on the areas to work on to improve your squat and grow your glutes regardless.

Until next time friends,

Dr. Amy

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