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All I Want for Christmas is a Baby.

Did you know that Acupuncture can be a solution for infertility? Don't take it from us - take it from a few of our clients who received treatments and now have healthy, beautiful babies!

Let me help your family!

Below are two stories about how acupuncture helped these women complete their families. Months of trying with no success and painful loss, sometimes multiple losses, are heart-wrenching for women who experience infertility. Read on to hear how acupuncture helped them find a happy ending!

Kristin's Story

I initially went to see Dr. Amy for back problems.  While completing my full assessment we side tracked to my history of infertility and miscarriages.  Dr. Amy asked if I was going to try for another baby and I said 'No' because the heartbreak with each miscarriage was so difficult. 

She asked if I would be willing to try again and allow her to work with my body to assist through the process.  I agreed.  She asked me to give her a couple of months and within a couple of months I was pregnant and now have a healthy 4 year little girl!

I continued to see her throughout my pregnancy.  She worked her magic to alleviate anxiety, bloody noses and back pain throughout.  Dr. Amy – she is amazing!

- Kristin K.

Kristin K's precious girls.

Lindsey's Story

I met Amy while seeing another chiropractor in her old office. At the time, I had just had my second miscarriage and heard from a girlfriend that acupuncture can help with fertility. Conveniently, Amy was in the same office and specialized in it! I started doing it with her and got pregnant even before we were planning to try again. We ended up having a healthy baby boy who is now almost 2 years old.

When we wanted to try for number 2, I immediately thought of Amy again and after a couple of months, we were pregnant with our second baby boy who is now a few months old! I cannot say enough about how much Amy helped with calming my nerves and relieved my stress about the whole process. She's so great!

Dr. Amy was also there when I was full-term and ready to meet my little guys! She did what she could, and (coincidence or not) I had 2 fast, easy deliveries! My boys and I thank you so much, Amy!

-Lindsey S

How does it work?

Infertility. Man. It is just one of those words that stops you in your tracks even if you are not

currently struggling with it. As many of you know, I do acupuncture in the office, and my focus is couples trying to conceive or prevent miscarriage. I get a ton of questions from couples about if acupuncture is a good choice for them, why they should do acupuncture, what the experience is like, and what it costs.

What IS acupuncture anyways?

Acupuncture is an eastern medical practice that utilizes needles gently inserted into strategic points throughout the body on energy meridians. Chinese medical practitioners believe that these meridians conduct qi, or energy, between the surface of the body and internal organs. The goal of using acupuncture for the purposes of increasing fertility include reducing stress, increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs and balancing the endocrine system.

Acupuncture produces few or no side effects. There may be some mild bruising at the site of insertion. Sterile, individual use needles are used, making the risk of infection almost nothing. I get asked a lot if acupuncture hurts. For most points, my patients barely even know that I’ve needled a point. There are a few “sore” points, and you can get an occasional “zing”. However, I have never had a patient not return for acupuncture because of pain or discomfort. In fact, the overwhelming majority say things like “WOW! That was way easier and way less painful than I was expecting!”

Is it effective?

As acupuncture has increased in popularity, more and more researchers are trying to answer this question with science. A meta-analysis published in the British Medical Journal reviewing seven research studies of acupuncture used in conjunction with in-vitro fertilization (IVF) found acupuncture increased the chance of pregnancy by 65 percent. This study identified that acupuncture impacts fertility in the following ways:

1. Helps with the release of neurotransmitters, which may stimulate secretion of

gonadotrophin-releasing hormone (GnRH). This hormone is key to a woman’s menstrual


2. Stimulates blood flow to the uterus by inhibiting uterine central sympathetic nerve


3. Stress reduction. When people are under high stress, the hormone cortisol is released in

the brain. This alters the brain’s neurochemical balance changing hormone levels and

disrupting the balance that is key to the reproductive cycle. Some studies have also

shown that stress can create spasms in both the Fallopian tubes and the uterus, which can

interfere with movement and implantation of a fertilized egg.

When used in conjunction with Western fertility treatments, acupuncture increases conception rates by 26 percent. A recent study from Tel Aviv University reports, “When combining IUI with TCM treatments, 65.5 percent of the test group were able to conceive, compared with 39.4 percent of the control group, who received no herbal or acupuncture therapy”.

Some studies have demonstrated no effect on pregnancy rates. However, the patients in these studies did report they felt much more relaxed and had less anxiety while going through the process.

Acupuncture is also not likely to be helpful for structural causes of infertility, such as

blocked Fallopian tubes or fibroid masses. However, it should be noted that you could still use acupuncture as an adjunct for stress relief if you are doing IVF because of these issues.

Overall, we are still learning many things about acupuncture and its use for the treatment of

infertility. I can say that the overwhelming majority of patients within the office have had

success, but keep in mind, acupuncture treatment is not a guarantee.

Is It Expensive? How Many Appointments Will I Need?

In order to make acupuncture affordable for patients, we do not submit to insurance. Many

insurance plans do not cover it still, and it costs us more money to submit claims to them. Each session is $40. The amount of visits will depend on things like: if you are currently doing any type of IVF or IUI, if you are trying to regulate your cycle naturally, if you have a diagnosis for fertility, and if you have a history of miscarriage. Your treatment plan will be unique to you, and we will set it together at our first appointment.

If you have any other questions about acupuncture and fertility, I hope you will reach out to me. If you know someone struggling with fertility, I hope you will share this with them. I would be honored to be a part of your care team on your fertility journey.

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