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How can a Chiropractor fix your golf swing?

Dr. Amy working on her golf swing in sunny San Diego!

So, what is TPI anyways??

TPI stands for Titleist Performance Institute. They basically own the market when it comes to golf research and data, and they do some SUPER cool things. I recently headed down to San Diego to take their level 1 certification course, and my mind was BLOWN! It's no secret that I am not a golfer… yet. So, when I was learning about all of the ways to swing a golf club, I was a bit out of my element. The great thing about the TPI certification process is that everyone starts with the level 1 course. Then you have the ability to move forward into your area of specialty- golf professional, junior golf professional, medical professional, and exercise professional. Every golfer can then have the advantage of a team approach helping take care of their needs, and we can all use the same language and we follow the same philosophy. What does TPI believe? We don’t believe there is one way to swing a club; we believe there are an infinite number of ways to swing a club. But we do believe that there is one efficient way for everyone to swing a club and it is based on what they can physically do.” The level 1 course covered TPI's basic 16 physical screens, 12 major swing characteristics, and multiple exercise protocols designed specifically around making a player more physically fit and resilient to golf. I learned how to identify any physical limitations that may be causing player's swing inefficiencies and some simple solutions to get them back on track!

You see, if you look back at the history of golf, you will notice that players previously built a team around them to support three aspects: instruction (fundamentals of the game), mental (mental stress of the game), and equipment (having appropriate clubs and equipment for the game). Then, in 1996 Tiger Woods hit the scene and changed the golf world forever. Tiger seemed to have skills that were far superior to his fellow competitors and it made the golf world question what was different about him. Wood’s dynamic play forced instructors to replace the triangle style of development with a much more detailed and comprehensive approach.

Instruction was now broken down into six distinct categories:

1. Basic Instruction: Grip, stance, alignment, swing fundamentals, ball position, etc.

2. Advanced Instruction / Shot Making Skills: Short game, specialty shots, trajectories, etc.

3. Course Management: How to play each course, set make ups, game plans, etc.

4. Mental / Emotional: How to handle the mental stress placed on great players.

5. Equipment: Making sure the golfer is fit properly and has the appropriate set make up.

6. Physical Conditioning: This was the biggest addition. Physical Conditioning includes improving aspects of the body that can affect performance.

The gang at the TPI Certification!

My goal? To identify areas that physical conditioning, rehab, mobility and stability work can change your golf game for the better. I know it is hard to think about golf right now considering all of the snow and the negative temperatures, but now is the time to prep your fitness, mobility, and stability so you can have your best golf season yet!

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