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Cheers to 2019.... Hello 2020!

Can you believe 2019 is coming to a close?!?!?! What a GREAT year this has been. We wanted to take the time to sincerely thank all of you for supporting Move Chiropractic. Your business and referrals allow me to show up every day and do a job that I absolutely love. I feel so humbled to take care of you, your friends, and your family.

In January, we sent you some goals out for 2019! We wanted to recap where we ended up with those. Be on the lookout for our 2020 goals in our January newsletter!

1. New year. New name. New logo. Same great care.

✅CHECK! We went from Body in Balance Chiropractic to Move Chiropractic - official May 1!

2. New location that has space for a PRx rack, and more room for rehab exercises! We would like to be into a new location by the end of quarter 2!

✅✅DOUBLE CHECK! We were in our new location July 1, just in time to start quarter 3! We hope you love our space as much as we do! We have some AWESOME things planned for it in 2020!

3. A full-time, totally kick-butt employee that lives our brand and loves helping people move well, and loves office management too!

✅ICYMI, we hired TWO part-time employees (we call this a win, right?!) Kayla is here on Monday's helping out, and Julie is here Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday! Both women are fully invested in quality patient care and your patient experience within the office and outside of the office, they are both ambassadors of movement and community.

4. We want to spread our message and up our social media game. Aiming to hit 3,000 Facebook likes, and 1,000 Instagram followers! We can't meet all of our goals, right? We will continue to share tips, exercises, and memes in 2020 in pursuit of this goal!

5. We believe in the power of connection and want to connect our patients with solutions provided by locally owned businesses. If you own a business locally, and have an idea of how we could do something fun- we want to hear from you!

✅We like to think we hit this goal continually. It is most certainly more an ongoing target than a destination, but it continues to be at the forefront of our minds.

6. Reach more athletes. We LOVE helping people return to play and getting them out of pain. Dr. Amy is also headed to San Diego in February to become Titleist Performance Institute certified!

✅Not only did Dr. Amy get her Level 1 certificate from Titleist, she is a Medical Level 2 professional! Dr. Amy continues to seek out the latest trainings, techniques, and research to help all of you move better, feel better, perform better, and live better. As a reminder- we consider an "athlete" anyone who trains for any type of functional activity (CrossFit, golf, gymnastics, running, underwater basket weaving, etc) and also all of our patients who are in pain and can't do a functional activity. Chasing after your children and lifting groceries are functional activities!

7. We also want to grow our referral circle of other stakeholders in our patient’s health: MD’s, PT’s, ATC’s, massage therapists, coaches, and personal trainers. Healthcare, when done right, includes a team of people communicating with each other.

✅This is another one of those always ongoing goals. We again would like to think we have met this goal for 2019 and continue to have it on our radar moving forward. If we can not help you in our office, we want to connect you with someone who can.

8. Dr. Amy wants to read a book a month related to movement and wants to complete double the hours of professional continuing education that are required of her.

✅Totally done. 'Nuff said.

9. Continue providing engaging and educational content through our social media platforms.

✅We are working on some AMAZING online stuff for 2020, and have a stack of memes ready to go as well. Dr. Amy was also chosen as the Subject Matter Expert for the 2020 Dakota Games First Four Weeks Challenge for recovery. Check out the challenge HERE ( Each week a Dakota Games Subject Matter Expert will email you some valuable tips, tricks, hacks, or other valuable information that will help you prepare for a competition.

10. Last but not least- we want every patient to feel valued, informed, and empowered after they leave our office. We want to be the BEST in town at what we do. This is the most important metric for all of us in the office. Your experience matters to us. You matter to us. We always want you to feel like you have a voice in your care plan and that we are apart of your team helping you meet your individual goals. We are always open to feedback if there is anything we can do better. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you when you walk through our office doors.

And if you missed our newsletter - the best Christmas photos of all time!

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