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Bio Girls: What it is & how you can help!

We are hosting our very first group of BIO Girls at our office! BIO Girls is a 12-week program that builds self-worth in girls grades 2-6 through life-skills curriculum, mentoring and non-competitive physical activity.

Strong girls make for strong communities. BIO Girls works with participants to practice real-life scenarios and pitfalls they may encounter during adolescence equipping them with useful and necessary skills and knowledge. Participants learn to look inward for acceptance, rather than outward to external sources to validate their self-worth.

Not only does BIO Girls impact the participants, but they also provide participants the opportunity to impact others in a big way. Each site chooses a service project to complete together and through these projects, the girls are learning about the needs in our community and how they can help. It is really a powerful 'lesson' to be working and serving others and seeing the impact each girl can have. The best part? BIO Girls is Proven Effective. An independent research study conducted through the University of MN-Crookston found a significant increase in self-esteem among participants; as well as improvements in emotional and physical well-being. We need your help. It costs $4,000 to run a site, and we’re ¼ of the way there. Can you help us reach our goal? Every little bit helps.

We will also be collecting 1 1/2 yard increments of fleece to make tie blankets for Project Ignite Light, the chosen organization of the BIO Girls at Move Chiropractic. Blog Post coming soon on the Move Family Giving Tree!

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