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Your safety is our #1 priority!

It is imperative to Dr. Amy and Move Chiropractic that our office is a safe place to access
quality chiropractic care. We know that it can be very stressful for some venturing anywhere currently,however, the one thing that you shouldn’t do is put off continuing to take care of yourself and your family. Especially during a healthcare pandemic, skipping appointments or delaying care
can lead to prolonged recovery times and/or risky complications. Many serious health conditions
initially manifest themselves as a musculoskeletal complaint. When we are able to see patients at
the onset of symptoms, we have been able to diagnose everything from kidney stones, brain
inflammation, heart attacks, and unfortunately even cancer. Safety first does not mean healthcare
second- if your body’s check engine light is flashing, get it checked out! 


Guided by internationally respected disease and infection prevention and control experts, recommendations from the CDC and WHO, as well as state and local health agencies, we have taken a number of steps in addition to our standard rigorous infection control measures to ensure our office remains a safe place for you to confidently receive care.


So… what are we doing?


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Pre- Appointment

We ask that anyone who has one of the following symptoms to reschedule their appointment:
fever (100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher), chills/shaking chills, new loss of taste or smell OR if you have been instructed to be in isolation or quarantine.  
We also ask that anyone who has two or more of the following symptoms reschedule their appointment: cough (due to unknown cause), shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, sore throat, congestion or runny nose (due to unknown causes),
or nausea/vomiting/diarrhea.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please contact your primary healthcare provider.


Your Healthcare Providers Are Vaccinated

Dr. Amy and her staff are all vaccinated and boosted for COVID and the flu.


We ask that you wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth if you have any questionable exposures, signs or symptoms. We do have masks available if you forget one. We do not have a mandatory masking policy within the office. However,  our doctor and staff are more than happy to wear a mask within our office if you let us know that this is your preference.  You can also request that Dr. Amy wear a properly fitted N95 for your appointment. As we share space with multiple other businesses, we cannot guarantee that everyone in the building will be masked. 

If you are immunocompromised, please let us know and we can discuss specialty scheduling options to offer a safer environment for you. For example, you can be seen as our first patient of the day (which is usually before the other businesses are open). We re-clean and sanitize everything in the morning when we arrive.


What Our Staff Is Doing

Our doctors and staff temp check and symptom check daily, and sanitize before and after every patient encounter. We sanitize any items that have been touched by a patient- even pens and clipboards!


Dr. Amy does weekly COVID testing as an extra precaution. Our appointments are spaced out, and there is plenty of room to maintain distance. Dr. Amy keeps up to date with all of the research as it is published and all of the recommendations and guidelines from the CDC and state health department.

Social Distancing

Our waiting room has plenty of room to keep distance from others. We even have an open empty room you could wait in if you prefer. You can also wait in your car and we can call you when we are ready for you- just let us know!  


An average new patient appointment is 45 minutes and an existing patient appointment averages 10-30 minutes. Don’t worry though- we’ve even considered the 6-foot rule in the exam room!

You will be seated at least 6 feet from Dr. Amy as she takes your history and gathers any
necessary information. It is rare that the hands-on portion of your exam/appointment (requiring
us to be within that 6-foot bubble) would total 15 minutes. 
It is most certainly a turbulent and stressful time. However, we want you to know our office
remains a safe place for you to access care. We are dedicated to your personal health and doing our part to prevent COVID-19 from spreading further. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact our office.

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