Move Chiropractic believes in treating the whole body and the entire person, not just the symptoms. That requires a team of dedicated professionals to assist you in all areas of your life. 

Meet Dr. Amy Kempfer, DC

Dr. Amy is passionate about helping you move better, feel better, live better, and perform better! You can read all about her approach to care here!


In addition to her DC, she has her Master’s degree in Sports Science and Rehabilitation. She is also a Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner and currently completing a diplomate program in Orthopedics. Dr. Amy is also a CrossFit Level 2 trainer (and athlete!) and a Medical Level 2 physician, certified by the Titleist Performance Institute.


Outside of her professional life, Dr. Amy utilizes her functional training to chase around her two boys and two dogs. Her guilty pleasures in life include continuing education seminars, podcasts, and consuming far too many milligrams of caffeine in a day.

Meet Coffee Machine

Coffee Machine is a staple in our office and we love her very much!

Our coffee machine adds to the all female staff and keeps up going for hours! Not only does she take care of office staff but all our patient family as well. In fact, some patients even keep a mug at the office to reduce their carbon footprint! 

Coffee can help with: 

  • Improved productivity

  • Athletic and work performance

  • Increasing your tolerance for unbearable people

  • Heart health


Meet Squat Rack

Our very own Squat Rack is here to help you with them Booty Gains and cleaning up your technique! She was the first implement in our new space and on our vision board when this office vision was still a dream. We knew being able to see some of our patients MOVE under load would help us help them better. 

While Squat Rack may have RBF, she really wants your company! She loves to jam out with the girls. Her favorite musical artist is Missy Elliot!

Squat Rack can help with: 

  • Booty gains

  • Increasing need for new jeans

  • Mental clarity and zen

  • Decreasing risk for mental breakdown


Meet Torture Tools

Don't let the name fool you - Torture Tools are quite the group of sweet hearts. They really are just here to help you move better, feel better, and live better.

You might find that you actually come to love them? It's an acquired taste, really. They sit in our waiting room, ready to be used any time you are up for it!

Torture Tools can help with: 

  • Increase Mobility

  • Performance Goals

  • Mental Toughness

  • Bragging Rights


Meet Finn

Finn is our office dog and we are PAWSitive you will love him. He is a rescue dog with the prettiest eyes you've ever seen! He is more than just a pretty face though- he's smart too! He loves caffeine and snacks as much the rest of us, so guard your coffee cup if you see him! He is still a young pup learning how to be a gentleman and there are always treats on hand to practice his tricks.


Finn comes to the office fairly often. If dogs aren't your thing, be sure to let us know and we can relocate him for your appointment if needed.

Finn can help woof: 

  • Increased Mood

  • Decreased Anxiety

  • Feeling Loved

  • Caution: snuggles and kisses come at a cost - slobber and dog hair are possible!


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